Nancy Sondel's Pacific Coast Children's Writers Workshop
16th Annual    September 28-30, 2018    Master Class to Masterpiece
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“The most in-depth, helpful workshop I have ever attended.”
— Kathleen Dougherty (Kat signed with our faculty agent)


Details about the Novel Writer’s Retreat are posted on the Retreat page. 

Designed for up to 16 accomplished adults and eight book-savvy teens, our workshop offers easy access to an East Coast editor and agent—a rare opportunity for relaxed, in-depth conversation with industry professionals.

Among our distinctive features: We’re a collegial-style seminar, not a convention. Our venue is not a city hotel, but an evocative coastal setting—a writer’s oasis. Here you may enjoy the comforts of a homestyle resort while expanding your craft and career. Join our intimate professional community. Enrollment is limited and selective. Apply early!

Treat yourself (and your muse) to our comprehensive “Education Vacation.”


Figures to the left of slash are April 30 Early Bird fees (May 30 for teens); to the right are standard fees. These include lodging, most meals, and general workshop sessions. Critiques are not included in the standard fee. See rates below. Groups A and B are open-clinic critiques. For more details about your critique options, click here.

of Each Enrollment Group

Registration fees to the right include two nights’ lodging and most meals.

Group A


Group B


$789/819 +
Group C


Group A, Whole Novels: Written critique, plus two in‑person consults (30 to 45 minutes each), with an editor or agent on whole novels they select; up to approx. 250 pages, with up to 350-word synopsis Checkmark

critique fee:
$3 per page
Group B, Partials: Critique notes, plus in-person feedback from editor and agent on 14 pages (or 24, if space and if selected; extra fee), plus up to 350-word synopsis   Checkmark

Plus $90 fee
for both editor
and agent critiques
Group B-Plus: Additional, written critique by faculty author on up to approx. 250 manuscript pages, plus synopsis. Possible in-person consult. Brainstorm!   Faculty
author fee:
Group C, Teens: Written and
in-person critique by teens’ instructor(s) on up to 10 manuscript pages; editor and agent brief, in-person critiques on up to 5 pages.

are included.

(Additional Option) Teens Critiquing Adults: Articulate target-reader feedback for adult enrollees, with a tangible bonus incentive for qualifying teens. Whole novels: $35. An intergenerational win-win.



Group A Perks: For the price often charged for just a full-manuscript “book doctor” critique, your workshop fees provide feedback from an editor or agent—one who has indicated an interest in your manuscript, and will meet with you twice for 30 to 45 minutes. Additionally, you may enjoy a beachfront retreat among congenial, accomplished peers. A value-packed package!

Group B Perks: Our editor and agent will critique not only your opening chapter(s), but also a later passage that you may wish to explore. Thus your 14-page manuscript submission will start on page one, but approximately one-third of the sample may be a later section. An unusual workshop option.

Group B-Plus Perk: If you desire, faculty author will brainstorm with you about ideas or problems in your story development. Ask your mentor for whatever will support your writing.


  • Workshop sessions and pre-workshop materials: Peer manuscripts; e-manuals (exercises, articles); enrollees’ roster/photo gallery, private online forum.

  • Lodging, meals included in basic fee: Standard double-occupancy bedrooms in luxurious beachfront vacation units Friday and Saturday nights. (Single-occupancy bedrooms may be available at $85 per night additional.) Registration fee includes Friday dinner through Sunday lunch, except Saturday dinner—order in, or enjoy “Writer’s Night Out.” See Venue and Lodging details here.

    Extend your stay! Add Thursday night for $110 (includes light, self-serve dinner and Friday breakfast), and/or Sunday night for $95. Single occupancy Thursday through Saturday: additional $85 per night.

  • Freebies: Wifi/internet (spotty); movie rentals; tennis and basketball courts.


Up to two discounts per enrollee.

  • Early Bird registration, postmarked through April 30 (adults, for $30 discount) or May 30 (teens, for $50 discount). See our timeline for details.

  • Parents and Teens (PATs): If both register, subtract $30 from parent fee.

Story - Sea - Serenity

“Character is actually more important than plot. Out of character,
plot easily grows, but out of plot, character does not necessarily follow.”
— Josip Novakovich, Fiction Writer’s Workshop
bullet  INQUIRE EARLY for maximum critique options and lowest fees on full novels or partials. See schedule, interviews, masterclass critiques. Integrated teen event. Enroll now or CONTACT us.
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