Nancy Sondel's Pacific Coast Children's Writers Workshop
16th Annual    September 28-30, 2018    Master Class to Masterpiece
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  • “Focused, friendly, and productive, this one weekend can catapult your writing
    toward compelling novels that stand out and get published.” — Joni Sensel,
    author of The Farwalker’s Quest (Bloomsbury) and four more
  • “The Pacific Coast Children’s Writers Workshop is a well-organized, educational
    event. Fabulous, A-plus!” — Andrea McAfee, former First Place winner
    in the Win-Win Writer’s contest for a YA novel
  • “I have never in all my years of attending professional workshops and conferences seen anything as well organized as this one. And I’m not just saying that to be nice!”
    — Bobbie Pyron, author of The Ring (WestSide Books) and two more
  • “Extremely practical, fun program—offered great manuscript suggestions
    and help with the submission process. I enjoyed the writers
    and appreciated the quality of their manuscripts.” — Sally Engelfried, alum


Critique-Based Enrollment

See your story
spring to life!

Since 2003, our workshop has offered a collegial event for writers at various stages in their development. Now many of our alumni are highly skilled and/or published children’s book authors, submitting workshop manuscripts at various stages of development. Thus we offer qualifying writers critiques on partials as well as on entire novels.

Standard faculty critiques are both written and in person. The verbal part of critiques is done in a congenial master class (open clinic) to maximize everyone’s learning. For details, read about how our master class format can benefit you.

Many agents and editors have closed their doors to submissions, except through personal referrals. These referrals include queries and manuscripts from writers they’ve met at workshops. For some of our alumni, these contacts have resulted in contracts. Meeting our faculty will open doors for you, at any level.

Our workshop enrollment is based on the type of manuscript critique you receive. Group A whole-novel critiques provide continuing feedback on the seeds planted in early chapters; i.e., those most often “workshopped.” These chapters serve multiple purposes—they present a hook; they introduce a dramatic question to be developed and resolved by The End; they make or break a formal submission. It’s invaluable to examine these opening chapters, which we also do in Group B partials. These writers receive feedback from both editor and agent.

Another option, Group-Plus, offers all the advantages of Group B—plus a critique by our faculty author or story consultant, on any number of pages from 15 to 250.

Group C consists of teens enrolled in the TeenSpeak Novel Workshop. While enjoying their own concurrent event, teens also give adults feedback from “real,” target-age readers. You may receive a written critique from a teen who selects your manuscript.

Regardless of which group you enroll in, expect a smorgasbord of educational and networking delights.

“If you cannot see clear action objectives that lead your character
through the scene, cut it. Believe me; it will be boring.” — Brandilyn Collins,
Getting into Character: Seven Secrets a Novelist Can Learn from Actors

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