Nancy Sondel's Pacific Coast Children's Writers Workshop
16th Annual    September 28-30, 2018    Master Class to Masterpiece
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Trevor Guina


Build a New World!

Worldbuilding gives you the opportunity to create a whole new world. You choose the backdrop for your story, the politics and practicalities, the inhabitants, dwellings, even the weather. Surprisingly, perhaps, realistic fiction (not just fantasy) thrives from strong worldbuilding. So, how do you decide which details to include? And how do you weave them in? In this session, you’ll discover how to establish the “rules” of your world, whether it’s on another planet or in your own hometown.

Bring Your Story to Life through Scriptwriting

Do you show (instead of tell) your readers what your character is feeling? Does your dialogue sound realistic and move your story forward? By turning your story (or scene, or chapter) into a screenplay, then blocking and acting it out with peers, you’ll discover how to truly show your characters’ emotions through their actions and dialogue. Once you see where your story needs more polish, you’ll return to it—and use what you discovered from your script to make your fiction shine.

How Well Do You Know Your Characters?

Well-drawn and artfully-shaded characters can become almost real to readers (think Harry Potter). Discover how to breathe life into your characters; dig deep into your main character’s past, motivations, desires, quirks, and fears. And you won’t stop with protagonists, because as the saying goes, every villain is the hero of his or her own story.

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