Nancy Sondel's Pacific Coast Children's Writers Workshop
16th Annual    September 28-30, 2018    Master Class to Masterpiece
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“To me, a novel is always irresistible if it pushes the boundaries of mainstream
fiction to the breaking point, and dares to delve deeper, push harder, and fight
stronger than do any others.” — Rachel, age 16 (TeenSpeak critiquer)

Our Unique Critiques

TeenSpeak Critiques Service enhances our intergenerational October workshop for teens. To see how our year-round critique service can benefit you, visit TeenSpeak’s website. Preview:

Ready for fresh perspectives on your fiction manuscript? TeenSpeak Critiques trains qualified 11 to 19 year-olds, then matches them with adult writers—aspiring and established—who aim to publish a literary youth novel.

Designed to supplement professional, peer, and/or other critiques, TeenSpeak provides cutting-edge insights. While we can’t craft the perfect story for you, Teenspeak can help propel your manuscript into an engaging, publishable novel.

If you aim to publish, you’ll need to hook an editor or agent. TeenSpeak can improve your odds!

Our testimonials speak for themselves. One returning client notes: “Initially, I had hoped to find out if a target-age reader would understand my deeper story, and would detect any missing ingredients or rough spots. My TeenSpeak critiquer did both. I’m happy to submit my entire second book manuscript for her critique.” — Lauren Bjorkman, author of the YA novel My Invented Life (Henry Holt Books for Young Readers)

TeenSpeak Critiques was developed by writing instructor Nancy Sondel, a Children’s Book Insider contributing editor and founding director of the Pacific Coast Children’s Writers Workshop. TeenSpeak’s supporters include renowned author and master teacher Marion Dane Bauer, plus other esteemed contributors to children’s literature.

Readers and Writers, see what we can offer you.
Visit our TeenSpeak website!

“The more realistically the characters are portrayed, the more invested I am in what
happens to them. If the characters seem like puppets merely having their strings pulled,
I have trouble getting interested in the story.” — Brianna, age 18 (TeenSpeak critiquer)
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